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Full cooperation from the initial offer stage, proper selection of all parameters, flexibility, good response times, cooperation with architects.


We specialize in the installation of new lifts in existing buildings. 


We carry out all works related to the construction and reconstruction of lift shafts. 

Method 1

  • We are the only company on the market that will offer you the possibility of adding an external shaft from a pre-fabricated panel. The advantage of this project is the pre-preparation of the material in the factory with the possibility of embedding heating and electrical installations in ready-made elements.

  • Production lasts up to 3 weeks from the order, the elements are assembled on site after prior preparation of the pit plate.

  • Installation takes up to 3 working days depending on the lifting height. 

Method 2

Another method of adding shafts, both externally and internally, is a steel structure covered with a sandwich panel in a selected color from the RAL palette. 

Method 3

Transparent housing, tempered glass and laminated fastenings for attachment to the structure. 

Method 4

Transparent casing, tempered and laminated glass mounted with a facade system, painted in any color from the RAL palette 

Method 5

  • Steel structure, glass finished with reinforced plasterboard, painted in any color.

  • We work on both the designing and the building of the system.


We want to beat market requirements, therefore we have prepared an offer for you that meets the boldest expectations in our industry, by creating a product that is available after just 3 weeks from your initial order, which makes us a leader in the lift and elevator market.